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The West of France including the Pays de Nantes, the provinces of Vendée, Anjou and Maine, and the Poitou-Charentes region. Traditions of ballad-singing, dance-songs and fiddle-playing have survived, predominantly in Poitou and the Vendée. Jérôme Bujeaud “Popular songs and songs from the western provinces: Poitou, Saintonge, Aunis and Angoumois” (Niort, 1866). The principal scholarly collection of music and songs. In recent decades John Wright and Claude Ribouillault (amongst others) have done much to collect, analyze and promote the surviving traditions.

The Marais Breton of the Vendée is notable for its tradition of veuze playing – which has been revived by the bagpipe-maker and player Thierry Bertrand – and for traditional singers such as Pierre Burgaud.

Folk dances specific to the West of France include the current, gold maraichine, and the ball saintongeais. Bourrée in triple time have been noted in the 19th century by Bujeaud, and more recently, in Angoumois. Circle- or chain-dances accompanied by caller-and-response singing have been noted in the West, and also in other regions such as Gascony, Normandy and Brittany.

Notable contemporary folk musicians include Christian Pacher and Claude Ribouillault (Poitou) and the group La Marienne (Vendée.)